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2016 Travels January

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Some recent visitors were surprised by our travels map, which hangs on a wall at home, and exclaimed at the extent of the places we have been, In Australia, to date.

We started recording the roads and tracks travelled on this map, over twenty years ago. It shows the routes we had taken, since we started adventuring together, in 1991.

Of course, some of the roads had been travelled multiple times. We have, for example, crossed the Nullarbor five times. And, hopefully, will do so again. Some favourite places have been revisited more than once, such as the Kimberley and the Qld Gulf country.

There is still a quiet sense of achievement when we return from a trip, and I am able to record a “new” black line on our map.

As the year began, I was wondering where our travels this year would take us?

One thought on “2016 Travels January

  1. Gosh, that is impressive Wendy.

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