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2015 Travels May 23

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Weatherwise, another very pleasant day. I have really been enjoying that aspect of being here.

John was feeling like a quiet day in. He spent time on his laptop, interspersed with taking Couey over to the exercise area for a run.

I read, walked the dog, wandered around the park, taking photos.  Drove to the IGA to stock up a bit on food.

The row of en-suite sites…and whimsical metal art

Later in the day, John drove to the shops and picked up the Saturday papers and I read those.

Every couple of days, there was a stall set up in part of the camp kitchen, selling opals and jewellery made from same. I wasn’t sure if it was always the same people, or if the privilege was shared around. I had not really bothered to look closely as these, as such set ups tend to feature doublets and triplets, put into pre-cast settings, which I usually fins overly ornate and cheap looking.

John went across to today’s stall and came back having bought a pendant, which I really liked. Eat your words, Wendy! So he said I could have that one and went back to the stall to buy another one for his daughter. I went with him this time, and finished up buying a pair of earrings for me and a pair for M, for Xmas. Some of the jewellery on display was quite good value.

Camp kitchen area with powered sites beyond

I roasted chicken drumsticks for tea in the electric frypan, set up outside. Roast vegies too.

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