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2015 Travels May 3

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We had an early-ish start again, as daughter had asked we get to her place about 10am, as they had other things to do from 12.30. Was going to be an early lunch!

This time, we took the Majura Parkway and skirted the eastern end of Lake Burley Griffin, to Griffith, an inner southern suburb. I hadn’t been to this house before and really liked the way an older house had been extended and made over. Very light and spacious. There would be very little outside upkeep, as the back yard was mostly swimming pool.

Couey managed to distinguish herself by falling in the pool, within five minutes of our arrival. The elder grandson adores dogs and spent much more time outside, playing with Couey, than he did inside with his grandfather. The boy would dearly love a dog, but the family’s regular overseas postings mitigate against that, so he was a willing player of ball games and general dog loving.

The younger grandson spent most of our visit jumping on the trampoline.

Daughter made a most interesting salad for lunch, involving farro – a grain I had not previously come across, but which I would like to use back at home. It was rather chewy when cooked. The salad – Middle Eastern flavours – was delicious.

Once lunch was done, we were hurried out.

Our drive back around the parliamentary precinct gave an interesting an new perspective for us. This part of the inner city was really dominated by the new Parliament House.

Driving in  Canberra – up ahead is Parliament House

On the way back to Bus, called in at the Visitor Information Centre to see what I could find of interest. I was intrigued to see they had special parking places for electric cars, with plug in charging points. First time I had seen this, but suspected it would become more common.

John had an afternoon nap. I changed the dressings on my leg. Definitely yukky. Decided I should start myself on the emergency anti-biotic tomorrow.

Couey was actually tired after her grandson games, and quiet for the rest of the day.

When I was putting my dressing stuff away, the wardrobe door fell apart. We had noticed previously that some of the joints were becoming unglued. I opened it, and it came to pieces, which nearly fell on my feet. John put the bits in the ensuite, to await fixing. He would need to buy glue, some clamps and a new catch. In the meantime, dog could sit and look yearningly at the box of her special treats, up on the now exposed top shelf.

Lunch had been light enough for us to be able to enjoy tea of lamb backstrap with potatoes, zucchini and tomato.

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