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2014 Non-Travels December 2014

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The mysterious allergy/immune system disorder flared up again. I was getting so sick of myself.

M and friend had a stay on Stradbroke Island and M had experimented with sand driving, apparently scaring herself as well as him. She doesn’t scare easily, either…

A little window of opportunity appeared to present in early December. I was free of appointments for a couple of weeks. Driver could spare five days between his bowls and medical appointments. Yessss…

 The Plan was to head off on a Sunday morning, after the previous day’s bowls, and head to Castlemaine – a new area for us. We would use that as a base to explore some of the nearby old goldfields towns.  M – never one to miss a travel opportunity – said she’d go too. I booked sites at a Castlemaine caravan park, for four nights from Sunday December 7. Consistent with our policy of “saving” closer places for the time when our travel abilities were reduced, we’d never visited this town or area before. The abilities were certainly reduced now!

I went through Bus cupboards, throwing out past use-by food stocks and replacing same. Made up the beds, packed my clothes, dog food and treats. All that was left to do were the Driver’s jobs.

When we woke on Sunday morning, the rain was pouring steadily down. We didn’t fancy doing the final packing and preparation in the rain, so deferred departure until the next day. The rain cleared after lunch so we were able to work on the final things. John checked Bus coolant and oil, drained and refilled the water tanks. The Coaster seems to have such a cumbersome system for adding coolant – or were we doing it wrong, by taking off the driver’s side step cover?

I put enzyme down the sink, so it would slosh around the grey water tank  in travel, and loosen up any grease. We put the car hitch onto back of Bus.

Just about ready to go again…

I then had a really bad night, with nerve pain from the leg ulcers, exacerbated by doing a clean dressing on it Monday ¬†morning. John asked if I still wanted to go away, given the pain I was in. I didn’t. He phoned the caravan park and explained; they were very understanding.

Later in the day, after some extra pain killers kicked in, I was able to unpack Bus fridge and my clothes. The dog was totally confused! At least I didn’t have to cook tea, as I’d previously cooked chicken marylands to take away for our first night’s meal – and podded a couple of lots of broad beans, to reduce the space they would occupy in Bus fridge.

The trip nearly happened….

This episode led to me being put onto Lyrica for pain management.

Thus ended 2014. This was the first year since about 1980 that I hadn’t been away holidaying and travelling at all. Even as a single mother, working full time when my children were young, we always managed at least a week’s camping in the holidays.

Could only hope that 2015 was a better year.

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