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2013 Travels August 30

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We were up early, as it was moving on day. However, a major change of plans ensued.

John had worried, through the night, about the way his lungs felt, and by morning was feeling really insecure about going further north. He wanted to point towards home, and cover some distance, just in case there really was something amiss. It was probably one of the occasional anxiety attacks he’d always been prone to, but with the health issues of the past three years he needed to be humoured.

I phoned the caravan park in Cairns to cancel our booking. They were very understanding.

This meant we would also miss staying at Paronella Park, where I’d intended we would stay, on our eventual way south again. Another place we had never visited. Drat.

The drive southwards was uneventful – unless one counts the seemingly permanent roadworks on the Bruce Highway. The day was hot. I wondered if it was possible to have air-con retro fitted to a slightly elderly Coaster, for when we were driving in the heat? Must investigate that.

Going south again

John decided he’d feel happier if we reached Townsville today, which we did in good time.

There were not many options for travellers with dogs around Townsville, so I thought we’d try the Black River Stadium, to the north of the city. I had read favourable reports of it as a stopping place. We obtained a powered site in their pet section, for which we paid $25.

 The place’s origins as a horse/rodeo grounds establishment were evidenced by the buildings and yards about the site, but it seemed to no longer be used for horse sports. The amenities were in Atco structures, but were clean and tidy. There was a very large and comfortable camp kitchen and sitting area.

Black Water Stadium

I liked the large, fenced, dog run – great idea.

The caretakers and other guests were really friendly. Some were there for dog trials in Townsville over the weekend. We went across to a happy hour get-together – a pleasant gathering. Assorted dogs came too, and there was much “doggy” talk. It was not far from our bus, near the caretakers’ rig, so we left Couey tethered to the bus. She could still see us so was content to lie under the shade of the awning and watch.

I cooked John fish and fries for tea. I had a few fries, and an egg. I was not feeling very hungry – not sure whether that was due to travel in the heat, or yesterday’s dodgy quiche!

Now that we’d started moving southwards, and perhaps because we were now near a major regional city, John thought he was not feeling any worse, and might even be feeling somewhat better.

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