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2013 Travels August 27

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Today was another routine, quiet sort of day. John was just resting his leg.

There were occasional showers through the day, and a pleasant, coolish breeze, so it was comfortable to sit outside. I did wonder if we’d wandered into a really early start to the Wet season, or if this was normal weather at this time of year, up here.

Flying Fish Point and Innisfail (Zoom)

I’d had several recent attempts to download library e-books onto my e-reader, with frustrating lack of success. John spent some time fiddling about on my laptop, and figured out how to do it. Seemed that some of the programs needed had been uninstalled – had to have been done by our “helpful” Telstra guy. I do like it when these technological hiccups turn out not to be something I am doing wrong! So, I now had abundant reading matter again.

John played his WOW game for several hours, sitting at the table, ignoring the fact that he was supposed to be keeping his leg up.

We did walk as far as the cafe/takeaway shop at the point, with the dog. Later, John drove up there for our tea: fish and chips for him, squid and chips for me. It was adequate – neither the best nor the worst we’d had in recent times.

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