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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2013 Travels August 19

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Another hot day.

We both walked Couey on the beach, going as far as the end of the houses at Cassady Beach, so that was a good workout for all concerned.

Tide a long way out…

I read. did some embroidery, sitting outside under the awning, watching the passing parade of people and vehicles.

John spent some time inside, on his laptop.

Under the influence of B, our fishing neighbour, he decided to go fishing tomorrow. It would be the first time on this trip. He drove to Halifax to buy a bait pump and some other gear – and spent the best part of $100. Whatever he catches is going to be expensive fish! But it is done for interest and enjoyment and I am pleased to see John interested in fishing, again. He spent some time getting all the gear ready.

Tea was Mongolian lamb, using a bottled sauce. John didn’t like it much.

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