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2013 Travels August 17

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It was a very humid day.

I drove to the shops for the papers, and mailed a letter to son and a postcard to grandson. On the way, I stopped at the CWA Hall, where a sale of used goods was happening, and dropped in four pairs of shorts that John had decided were no longer comfortable; they were almost new. He tried to convince both of us that they’d shrunk in the wash…

The newsagent doubles as the Post Office, or vice-versa, and the package of John’s pills were in. I texted M that they had arrived.

John went off to bowls at Macknade. I read the papers.

Taking the easy way to the beach…

I spent much of the afternoon inside Bus, with the fan going, working on the laptop. Downloaded the card from my camera and emptied it. Named photos, then saved them to a thumb drive as a backup.

Decided it was a no-walk day. Too humid, the soles of my feet were a bit sore from the sand, and I didn’t feel like dragging reluctant dog along the beach.

John enjoyed his bowls but came home quite tired due to exercise in the humidity.

Made chow mein for tea, a favourite of John’s, based on mince and a packet of chicken noodle soup. It was not gourmet cuisine, but nice enough and easy to make.

The night was a bit cooler and not as humid.

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