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2013 Travels August 10

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Today was our 22nd wedding anniversary.

It did not begin well. When Couey and I left Bus for our usual morning walk, we had only gotten a short way down the slope in front of Bus, when the neighbours’ dogs came rushing at us, jumped on Couey and rolled her over. She couldn’t get away because she was on her lead. It happened so fast and gave us both a tremendous fright before the owners called them off. In attempting to fend the dogs off, I sprained a wrist, which hurt for the next couple of days.

I asked the people to tie their dogs up, which they did – then. But through the day they kept letting the creatures off to run around loose, so we kept Couey in Bus for much of the time.

I went to the shop for the papers.

Just a bit of cloud over the offshore islands

John left quite early to drive to Mystic Park for the bowls tournament that the Macknade group had included him in. It was the best part of 90kms from here to Mystic Park.

Couey and I spent much of the day inside Bus, because of the neighbouring roaming dogs. Even when tied up, they were on long ropes that enabled them to reach quite a distance. They rushed at and barked at several passers-by. Definitely not good camp dogs. Eventually, they charged out at and frightened a lady from a nearby large motorhome, who had a small, extremely gregarious white fluffy dog. The lady was the mother of the hotel complex manager, so action was taken, warnings were issued, and the dogs were more restrained after that.

The computer was not connecting to the internet, so I couldn’t do much there. Read the papers thoroughly.

Took Couey for a beach walk. It wasn’t great,  because there were more people on the beach than on weekdays – although it was not exactly crowded. Couey was reluctant to go as far as I wanted and eventually I gave up dragging her along on the lead, and turned back. Then, of course, it became her dragging me!

Passive resistance!

John phoned when he was leaving Mystic Park. It was after dark – almost 7pm – when he got back. But he’d had an enjoyable day and said it had been worth the effort.

Our “celebration” dinner consisted of leftover fish cakes from two nights ago, and salads. We did consume a good bottle of wine, though, to note the occasion.

John phoned M and asked her to go up to our place, get a packet of his anti-clot pills and send it up. He wanted to be sure of having a sufficient supply, in case we decided to extend the trip. He hadn’t brought all of the six-month supply he’d been issued with before we left home.

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