This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2013 Travels August 8

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Today was a beautiful, blue-sky day, and hot again.

We had the usual sort of morning, then John left just before midday, for bowls at Macknade Mill.

The site next to us had stayed empty. It wouldn’t last, but was nice to have the empty space there while it did. Our site – 42 – was the third from the end wall of motel units.

Our site – with neighbours.

I sewed, read, had a couple of ball throwing sessions with Couey on the grassed area. We did not try a beach walk today, because I’d put Advantix on her this morning and did not want her to get wet for a day or two.

John did not get back from Macknade until 6pm – almost dark. He’d enjoyed bowls. They wanted him to play on Saturday, at Mystic Park, near Rollingstone. That would be quite a drive, and a long day for him.

Tea was fish cakes and beans, with more strawberries to follow.

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