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2013 Travels July 31

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Couey woke me before 7am, by whining and nudging at me. This was unusual behaviour, so I got up and took her out. She had certainly needed to be out of Bus – upset stomach, big time! I presumed she took on too much sea water on yesterday’s  walk. Either that, or the tick collar had affected her.

Because it was so early, we went for a long walk along the foreshore paths and through the park areas – about 3kms. There would be no beach walk for her today.

Again, it was a superb day, about 26 degrees, blue sky, no wind, gentle sea. This was what we’d ordered!

Beautiful day at Forrest Beach

After his breakfast, John decided to check the pressures in the vehicle tyres. Actually, he wanted to do the Terios, but decided to do Bus too, since he had the gear out. Terios tyres, at 31, were higher than the recommended 26, but he wanted to leave them at that. He discovered that he didn’t have the right gear for checking the inside rear bus tyres – would have to rectify that at some stage. We really didn’t know what pressures the Bus tyres should be running at anyway. Just had to hope the Toyota service centre at home had them right. Still on a learning curve with this Bus thing, us.

Later, we all walked up to the shops, to buy some vegies  for tea and to post mail. There was a post office agency at the newsagent. Or was the Post Office also a newsagent? Either way, the postal location is Allingham, not Forrest Beach, just to confuse everyone. We both had cards and letters to post.

John had ordered, online, a dashboard camera, that he had delivered to M, for forwarding. That parcel was now there for him.

Back at Bus, he fiddled about with the dashcam for a while, then went for a drive in Terios to get it going.

I read, knitted, wrote up the diary, spent some time on the laptop.

We had steak for tea, with sides of broccoli and mushrooms. I used a packet of green peppercorn sauce with the steak – not the sort of thing I usually bought, at home. John loved it and wants it again, next time we have steaks.

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