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2013 Travels July 13

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A quiet day.

We really hadn’t needed this fourth day here. Couldn’t spend any time with our friends, as they had a local function to go to. There were no bowls today available to casual visitors like John.

I broached the possibility of the Heritage Walk, but John didn’t feel up to it.

So I did the  other available option – the washing.

Interesting phenomenon: it cost $5 to use the front loading washing machine, but only $3 for the conventional top loader. I couldn’t work out the rationale for that. Maybe the front loader took more in a load? Maybe it washed better? I did know my rationale for using the front loader – it was the only available machine at the time.

We drove down the street to get the Saturday papers. John bought a multi-outlet plug for the bus cigarette lighter, so he could run multiple items at once from it: the GPS, my ipod, and he was talking of getting a dash mounted camera. Going to be gadgets on wheels.

Sign at entry to town, utilizing old mine workings

I spent much of the rest of the day reading the papers and exercising Couey up the back and dodging the friendly goat.

The nights have been warmer here, the days too, but I was still in winter clothes.

I made home-made meat patties for tea, with fries and salad.

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