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2013 Travels July 11



We had to make sure to get up and going in time for John to be at his bowls by 9.30am.

I dropped him off there and kept the car, intending to do a bit of sightseeing and maybe take dog for a long walk.

Unfortunately, it was raining lightly. John hoped the bowls people would wait and see if the rain lessened, then start the bowls later. If not, he would phone me to go back for him.

So, I couldn’t really go out and about and get involved in doing something, being uncertain whether I’d have to go at short notice to collect him. The rain was a disincentive, too.

In the end, the bowls was played and he was happy because he’d won and collected $10. The players were also fed Chinese type snacks after the game, so that was his lunch. The phone call to pick him up came at 1pm.

John was very tired, after the bowls. He had a nap.

We did little for the rest of the afternoon, except give Couey a ball chasing session up the back. I read and spent time on the computer, while John slept.

Cobar site

Tea was an impulse buy of mine, yesterday – pre-made rissoles from the supermarket. There were four different flavours of rissoles in the pack. They were not as fatty as I had feared they might be, being sausage mince, but were not all that nice. That was not an experiment that would be done again!

3 thoughts on “2013 Travels July 11

  1. You were brave trying the rissoles!

  2. I’ll bet they looked like they’d been rolled in butchers sawdust too.

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