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2013 Travels July 9

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Upon waking, we decided to have another lazy day here, since it was such a pleasant place.

Went up to the office to pay for another night, then showed manager lady the forum location and Badger’s site.

I read for a while, then tried to download some more e-books to my reader. Couldn’t quite remember how I did that, the first time, at home. Did not manage it well, this time. I did get some transferred to the reader, but not all that I tried for.

It was too nice a day to spend for long in Bus, playing with technology.

Warrawong on Darling. Camp kitchen just visible behind car.

We walked Couey around the lagoon. She’d had such a great time here. She had some good wallows in the shallows, then actually ventured into deeper water, after thrown sticks. She almost – but not quite – got to swimming depth. This was followed by much rolling in the dust – and, much later, by a big brushing session, before she was allowed in Bus again.

I inspected the Terios front bumper closely. It was more stone pocked than I’d realized, on Sunday. I thought there were a couple of small marks on the windscreen too. It really would have been much better to drive the two vehicles separately.

I showered and washed my hair. The bathrooms here are so great – I doubted we’d be using any others as good for some time.

In the late afternoon, John lit the fire in the communal pit and we sat round it talking with other campers. One couple came from Clunes and were neighbours to an artist who was a good friend of my brother. The old small world thing again…..

Options for tonight’s tea were a bit limited by lack of fresh produce, but we enjoyed macaroni cheese with tuna. Yummy.

Daughter texted to say she’d forwarded mail today, to Charleville.

Watched the ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet again. Not as good as last week’s episode, because the two politicians featured were not really very inspiring or interesting ones.

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