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2013 Travels July 6

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We decided to stay here another day, partly through inertia, partly thinking daughter might yet make contact with her father, for him to go back to Broken Hill and do the repairs around her place. He had tried to phone her a couple of times since we had been at Copi Hollow, but she wasn’t answering the phone to him.

The park had become relatively busy for the weekend, and because of school holidays.

A group from the speedboat club was building an extension to the nearby BBQ/camp kitchen area.

Camp kitchen work at Copi Hollow

There were some very feral children running around. Some of the weekender families in the permanent structures seemed to allow their kids to run free, which was fine, as long as they were old enough to behave safely and sensibly – which some of these were definitely not. There were a few pre-schoolers and a couple of toddlers roaming about – to my mind, far too young to be unsupervised by the lake.

A couple in a van around from us had some problems: while they were out, their portable BBQ was partly dismantled and their outside furniture taken away. After they got back, they had a look around some of the nearer permanent places and retrieved their furniture from where kids had taken it. One boy, aged about ten, kept swinging a heavy sinker on a length of line, and hitting their van with it. He took no notice when asked to stop. They went to speak to the boy’s mother about his behaviour (no father on the scene). Her response was “My children wouldn’t do anything like that.” End of discussion. Well, they did – there were enough witnesses to same.

Whilst we would return here for another stay, it would not be at school holiday, or long weekend, times!

I was now out of potatoes. Dropped a large hint to John, this morning, about going into Menindee for some – and for the Weekend Australian paper – but he ignored that idea. I did have some ageing broccoli and mushrooms to have with our steak, for tea.

We took Couey for a walk along the levee/canal, after lunch. Some of the afore-mentioned children were riding trail bikes around that area, mostly not wearing helmets.

Zoom image: Copi Hollow campground and the canal

Zoom – Copi Hollow campground and canal

John made one last attempt to contact daughter. Still not answering. I felt we had now waited around the area long enough and could move on with clear consciences.

Took my last sunset photos here. Some cloud in the sky made for a different sunset effect across the lake.

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