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2013 Travels July 4

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It was so quiet out here. I slept really well and, despite the previous early night, didn’t wake up until 8am.

During the morning, the wind got up and it was quite gusty through the day.

We spent the morning relaxing, reading, computing.

Lawned lakefront reserve at Copi Hollow

After an early lunch, John tackled the grey water problem. He’d packed a small heat gun, in case of needing to work on the hot water service again, so he used this to soften, then remove without damaging it, a section of the drain hose under the bus. He then poked a piece of small diameter pipe up the opening – and liquid began pouring out! He had been smart enough not to be directly under the pipe he was working on……..

It drained for ages and was a bit smelly, but nowhere near as bad as I’d anticipated. There must have been over fifty litres in there.

The pipe was left open, and draining, to be repaired tomorrow.

It was all not as hard, nor as nasty, as John had feared. Now he knew what to do, this was something else that could  be fixed if it happened again.

He thought the problem might be related to the fact that there were a number of right-angled joins in the drain system, rather than one smooth curve. I would try to lessen fats and larger food particles from going down the sink hole. To that end, I made up three small, square flat strainers, from my wire mesh. One can be slapped over the sink outlet as soon as the plug is pulled out, so wash up water will filter through it. The actual plug hole was really small and I couldn’t find, back in the hardware store, a ready made strainer small enough to fit inside it, hence my home grown solution.

After that success, took Couey for a walk along the levee, again.

Welcome to Redfern???

On the way, we noticed a back section of the park dwellings that seemed a bit divided from the rest. I wasn’t sure if it was an exclusive little enclave, or what, but there was a sign in front of it saying “Welcome to Redfern”. Hmmm……A joke in poor taste?

The wind had dropped a bit by evening and there was another great sunset.

Tea was steak, mushrooms, potatoes, beans.

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