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2012 Travels August 24

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We both had a sleep in and, surprisingly, dog allowed it. It was still raining steadily.

After dog’s morning ablutions and breakfast for us all, in view of the poor weather forecast, we decided to call it quits and go home. John’s Beechworth idea had not been a great success, though the park would be pleasant in good weather and we filed it away for a return visit.

As usual Couey, who by now was happily going in and out of the parked  Bus, saw our packing up happening. When it was time, she refused to get on. Some peanut butter on a dog biscuit changed her mind. Despite this, we thought she was starting to adapt reasonably well – just as we were finishing the trip!

It was just after midday when we left the park. As we had paid for today at the time of arrival, this was not an issue.

Back to Wangaratta, then down the Hume to Seymour. Stopped twice – once in a roadside rest area to eat lunch, which I’d packed before we left,  but we stayed in our seats to do so. Then a stop at Euroa to fuel up. $1.489 cpl.

From Seymour, followed the usual route to Yea and home via Yarra Glen. The weather stayed grey, cold, gloomy, showery all the way. There was cloud on the hilltops south of Yea.

At home, did what unpacking was necessary – the fridge contents and our technical gear, basically, plus dog’s food and treats.

Bought fish and chips for tea.

The trip hadn’t quite gone as planned, but it was enough to show the potential of travel in Bus. For John, it was so much better to drive than it had been Truck towing the van. Much easier. Both of us had found it much more comfortable than the van, to live in.

However, the trip had also shown up one major problem. It was not convenient to pack up for moving when we needed to shop, or to go sightseeing every day, or even to find a park or oval for dog to have a run. We would have to investigate options for giving us easier mobility.


11 nights.

Accommodation cost: $366.20. (5 nights ensuite sites)

Average per night: just over $33 per night

Chain discounts received: $31.80

Most expensive accommodation: Riverside Caravan Park, Swan Hill (non en suite)

Kms travelled: 945kms

Fuel cost: $203.92.

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