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2012 Travels August 19

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Before breakfast, while John was having his sleep in, I walked Couey along the street again. It was obvious that too many people – locals or those from the caravan park – did not pick up after their dogs.

The bike riders had gone before I got up this morning. We hadn’t heard them go. Bus really was quite sound-proofed.

After breakfast, we walked towards Buronga, to the small IGA supermarket at a service station, probably a bit over a km away. We were able to do most of the walk on tracks a bit distant from the main road. Couey could range a bit in some sections – she was very reliable at not going far from us and immediately coming back when called. She wasn’t happy about crossing the main road with us, though – there were trucks! I almost had to pick her up and carry her.

I was able to buy some salad makings and vegies.

Lunch back at Bus. John took dog across the road where he could throw the ball for her on the wide verge.

I’d have liked to go for a drive into or around Mildura, but John felt it would be too much effort to put in the awning, unhook services and generally get Bus into travel mode. I’m sure Couey was happy!

After tea, John tried to contact daughter. The phone numbers he had no longer worked. In the end, he sent her a message via my Facebook link, saying we would like to travel up to Broken Hill and see her. He asked for a reply by tomorrow, so we could plan our travel. I thought we could combine time in Broken Hill with a stay at the Menindee Lakes, where we hadn’t been before.

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