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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2011 Travels July 26

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Another mostly fine but bloody cold day – a really chilly wind blew all day.

We’d fallen into the habit of doing the same walk every morning now, with dog – path, canal, bush.

Beachport Lake

 Given the weather, we were not motivated to do much today. John spent most of the time on his laptop, playing games, I read and did some crochet of an afghan rug I was making for grand daughter.

Stirred myself to make some flatbreads to have for lunch, with a nice warm soup – from tin!

Typical of the older limestone buildings in town

Our most direct route to the amenity block involved going down the grassed slope from the upper terraced level our van was on. We were both noticing that John was having difficulty walking back up the slope again. Just the short uphill part – maybe ten steps – was leaving him breathless. Today, he actually had to stop for a breather half way up. Very concerning. He reckoned it was just due to the cold air affecting his breathing. Hmmm…..

I crumbed some fish for tea. From the freezebox, not caught by us – John had not been motivated to unpack the fishing gear, here.

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