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2011 Travels July 24

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Another damp day, but there were some  breaks between rainy periods. It was rather cold.

We managed to get in a reasonable dog walk along the bay path to the channel and back to the shops and around to the park – a big circuit. Even John was not prepared to take dog over into the scrub – and puddles – area.

After lunch, went driving again. This time, we skirted Rivoli Bay to the south, around to the hamlet of Southend, on the other side of the bay.

I’d not been there before. My tourist information mentioned a couple of caravan parks and I was curious to see if it was a possible next place to stay. In short, no.

Southend was very much a village of holiday houses and not many permanent dwellers. Beachport was like a metropolis by comparison – and infinitely more attractive. We stopped briefly at a couple of vantage points looking across the bay and township.

Rivoli Bay at Southend

There was a curved jetty, with a set of tracks on it for transporting gear and catches more easily from shore to boats. Again, a crayfishing place, in the season, with a small processing building near the jetty.

We concluded that Beachport was definitely the better end of Rivoli Bay at which to stay.

John had baked beans on toast for tea; I had some salad.

Southend from the other side of Rivoli Bay

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