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2011 Travels July 22

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Today was another lovely sunny day. Seemed we did the right thing, coming further west. Hopefully that observation doesn’t jinx us.

John had a late start. Dog and I got up much earlier and went walking along the bay path, this time back towards town and around the block.

Beachport jetty

After John got going, we walked up to the town and looked at the shops, on foot. Tried to give dog some practice at being tied up outside a shop while we both went in, but it was not a total success -some barking as the separation anxiety kicked in. But at least she didn’t try to break the lead and follow us.

After lunch, went walking the other way, along the bay path to a nearby canal, which is the outlet from Lake George to the sea.

Rivoli Bay looking across to the Southend area

Through the south east of SA, in times long past, much of the land was formed as coastlines receded, which they did in colder periods when much of the earth’s water became locked in ice caps and glaciers. Conversely, in warmer times, sea levels were higher than today. The Naracoorte area, which seems a fair way inland now, was once a shoreline. Between there and the coast around Beachport and Robe, there are a series of parallel former coastal dune lines, that trend from NW to SE. In places, lakes and swamps have formed between parts of these ancient dunes. Lake George, and the Beachport Lake are examples.

Line of shallow lakes formed between remnant dune range and current coastal dunes

Between the road into town and Lake George, on the “away” side of the canal, was an area of scrubland and bush, with some tracks going through it, possibly made by trail bike riders and the like. John let dog off the lead here – he likes her to free range and do dog things. She rarely goes out of our sight though. Unfortunately, also along part of the track we were walking on were some large puddles, which dog delighted in galloping through and then wallowing in, before she could be stopped. Someone had to spend a long time tied up outside the van, drying out, before she was allowed indoors again!

Canal from Lake George with our dog walk area off to the right

Opposite the caravan park was the Beachport Golf Course. I told John about how my friend, who had a flying licence, somehow had gained permission to land his light plane on one of the fairways, when he wished. One time when husband 1 and I were staying with him, they went up on a joy flight to see the area from above. The golf clubhouse was at the end of the fairway used, up on a rise, and I watched on as the plane – with the extra weight of said husband on board – cleared the clubhouse roof by only a couple of metres. Reckon those drinking inside ducked! After that, there was no way I was taking up the offer of a flight, and even pilot friend seemed a bit subdued.

Spent the rest of the day lazing about camp, in the welcome sunshine, and drying out dog.

Fish and chips for tea, from shop. Very nice.

Dusk and sunset over Rivoli Bay are rather lovely.

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