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2011 Travels February 13

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It was pleasant to have a normal sort of breakfast, in our apartment. Grapefruit and toast.

Spent some of the morning relaxing, and watching the marina activity from the balcony. Being a weekend, there was quite a bit of boat movement, in and out.

Looking across towards the Marina entrance at Cullen Bay

Went out and walked around the Marina complex itself, up at the end of Marina Drive, where our apartments were. It did not seem to have changed much since 2006. There were similar food outlets, including Yots, the Greek establishment where we had dined then. It was still expensive! Much as we’d enjoyed the food back then, we were not tempted to eat there again, this time.

There were some empty shop fronts and the place did still seem a bit dead.

Cullen Bay was developed in the 1990’s, by enclosing a natural bay to create a sheltered anchorage, for pleasure craft. The surrounding housing and accommodation, and the small commercial area, were developed at the same time. In 2006, we’d caught the Mandorah ferry from its terminal by the marina entrance.

Cullen Bay Marina (Wikipedia).Apartment complexes on the left and central Darwin in distance

We had a sandwich, “at home”, for lunch.

Looking the other way, from our balcony

Went out driving – felt the need to do something, rather than stay all day in the apartment.

Went to have a look at the newer port development along Frances Bay. There had been a lot more industrial development since we last saw it.

Frances Bay

Continued out Tiger Brennan Drive – very pleasant motoring along that – to Berrimah, East Arm and the Ghan Railway Station. Mainly, we wanted to check out the route and access, for later on. It was small, and closed and there was really nothing to see. Just another industrial area out here. People arriving in Darwin, for the first time, on The Ghan, would definitely not get a very favourable first impression of the city.

After that, drove back towards the city and out to Fanny Bay where we bought fish and chips for dinner. As we’d headed back from East Arm, the sky was looking increasingly black and rain seemed imminent, so we’d decided an early meal was in order, rather than venture out later in poor conditions.

Ate our meal sitting out on our balcony – it really was a most pleasant spot. The food was a bit pricey, having cost us $30 for snapper for two, 3 potato cakes, a dim sim, and a heap of chips. We drank our last bottle of wine.

After tea, John watched football on TV. I read and did some of the embroidery I’d brought from home. Predictably, it rained steadily from before dusk, on.

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