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2010 Travels April 30

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We had intended to leave today, but John had major cramps in his calf muscles, through the night, and needed a rest day. He had, to date, managed so much better than we had expected, but maybe the walks of the previous two days had been too much.

For something to do, in the early afternoon, we went for a small drive, just a little way down the access road, and spent some time watching and taking photos of the Major Mitchell cockatoos that lived around here.

Major Mitchell Cockatoo – the lookout

Some of them were having a feed of paddy melon, so were staying relatively still for us.

Other than that, we just lazed about. Did some packing up.

Mt Ive critter
Former Mt Ive critter

Had our final camp fire and happy hour here. It had been great, out here in the remoteness. It would be back to relative civilization tomorrow. I would miss the quiet, especially at night.

Tea was fish, in batter, and fries.

Sat round the camp fire until bedtime.

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