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2010 Travels April 28

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We had been told that the Mt Ive staff were to cater lunch today for sixty visitors – some kind of local fund raiser.

We did not feel like driving anywhere today, but equally did not feel like staying in camp with all those extra people around. So – decided it was time to try a longer walk, and see how John managed that.

We walked a little way back along the road into the homestead complex, to where there were the graves of two young children, that dated from an earlier time and family. Then we left the road and picked our way up the hill side, on rocky ground, and through spinifex clumps, to intersect with the vehicle track to Mt Scott. Doing this was a more direct way than following the road track all the way from the station, as it took a more round about route.

The station complex from part way up the hillside
Track to Mt Scott

As we walked fairly steadily uphill, toward the rounded summit in the distance, met a 4WD inching its way down. Given the caution he was having to exercise, I was pleased we hadn’t driven. John likes those kinds of adventures. I am not so convinced.

Vehicle on Mt Scott track

The views from the top of Mt Scott made the effort worthwhile.

In one direction, could see Lake Gairdner in the distance.

Glimpse of Lake Gairdner in the distance

A bit closer, looking to the west, was one of the areas of the station where visitors could go and bush camp. Could see that same 4WD. exploring some of the station tracks out that way.

To the south, could see the area of the Wombat Holes, in the distance.

The lighter coloured ground around the Wombat Holes

There was a cairn on the peak; we each added a small rock to the structure.

Pottered around on the peak for the best part of an hour, taking photos, studying the surrounding country from the vantage point.

Entry road to Mt Ive. Gawler Ranges in distance

Followed the vehicle track back to camp, not fancying a downhill scramble on the rocky hillside, on the more direct way. Even so, the rocky road demanded our full concentration on foot placement. Would have been an easy place to damage an ankle.

It was disgusting to come across a place, right beside the road, where some of the party of bush campers who were here over the long weekend, had emptied their portable toilet tanks. It was not far from the main campground. Some people are just such revolting grubs.

It was a good long walk and John was really pleased  with how he did. I estimated we walked about 7kms,

By the time we got back, all signs of the lunch – and the people – were gone. Mission accomplished.

Relaxed at camp for the rest of the afternoon. Were “entertained” by the two men who had come to the rescue the day M’s gears went missing. Today, they were using a digger, near us, for a grey water drain from the new toilet block. Watched them using wires to “detect” the line of the power and other cables, under the ground. No Dial Before You Dig service out here! Obviously it was an inexact science and – twang – they dug up the power and Telstra lines, and just missed the water pipe. They were good humoured about the mishap, and amusing as they made the necessary repairs.

Three new vehicles came into the campground in the late afternoon. We had seen one of them – a 4WD with a Trakmaster-built slide on structure  “The Kennel” – around our area at home. Went over and introduced myself. It was a small group of Trakmaster Club members, working out a route for a Club trip. We chatted with them for a while.

Lit the camp fire and had our happy hour.

There were some little critters around the camp ground. I didn’t know enough to tell if they were mice or some sort of little native marsupial. They seemed to be smaller than house mice. Some of them were quite bold. One of them snuck up and tried to nibble on my toenail! A little carnivore?

Tea was leftover fish cakes.

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  1. Gosh that view towards Wombat Holes is stunning.

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