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2010 Travels April 25

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Again, John did not sleep too late. When we travelled with M, knowing that she would want to be out and about, doing things, tended to spur him into getting up at a reasonable time.

Today, we drove a different station track, to the Organ Pipes and Peters Pillars. These are formed from volcanic origin, rhyolite rock, that weathers into columnar formations.

From the parking area, we walked up the valley, following a track beside the dry creek.

Rhyolite formations on hillside

Next stop on our driving explorations was to the south of the Nonning Road – the Wombat Holes. There were extensive views over the mostly flat country here, as we drove into the that area.

The Wombat Holes were much more impressive than I had expected. They are the domain of the Hairy-nosed Wombat. We didn’t see any of the animals, though – just the entrances to their homes.

Very impressive digging abilities, these critters have!

The country here was different to the stony, hilly sections we’d been exploring previously. It was a calcareous type of soft ground – those wombats are not dumb. The ground extended out in long tongues, between depressions that might occasionally fill with water.

It was different and strangely attractive country.

We walked around, exploring, for a couple of hours. Looked at wombat holes. I really wondered how big they were under the ground – how far they extended into the hillsides. Although many of the entrances were big enough for a person to fit, none of us was tempted to play wombat. I reckoned, given the size of their holes, they would be very big wombats. And there might be other creatures in there too, like snakes or spiders.

Walked across a valley to a low, mesa-like hill.

For most of our time out there, we were the only people there.

Drove back to the Mt Ive entry and had lunch at the submarine.

Then, back to camp. M and I were conscious not to let John get too tired.

There were now lots of people in the campground, and in the cabin accommodations. There was a fly-in too.

Our intrusive neighbours arrived back from somewhere, being towed by the station grader. I hoped that did not mean they were here for a long stay!

Happy hour by the campfire – with background noises.

Tea was lamb backstrap, mushrooms, beans, tomato.

Afterwards the three of us sat round the fire, reminiscing about past adventures.

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