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2009 Travels August 24



It was another hot day. Qld was having a heat wave, abnormal for August. Bushfire season had started really early – it was still, technically, winter.

Site at Rubyvale

After the usual morning happenings, went with our neighbours, out to a fossicking place on the Goanna Flats Road, which bordered one side of the caravan park, then continued out to the west. We bought three buckets of gravel, for $40, and proceeded to wash and sort those, showing the neighbours what we were doing. Found a few chippy bits of sapphire, nothing special.

Left the neighbours there – now they knew the procedure – and drove on a bit further out the road, to look at the scenery. We hadn’t been out this road, this far before. In the distance was a little volcanic hill, like a little sibling to Mt Keilembete, further to the west. Then drove back into town, and explored around some of the roads, looking at the claims and the many, varied, and quirky structures on same.

Stopped to take photos of a street sign that had always intrigued us, from our first visit. It seemed to typify the gem fields attitude.

Says it all……

Stopped at Willy’s Wash – with a name like that, who could resist? Washed another couple of buckets of gravel. Nothing to get excited about in those.

It was very hot by now, so it was back to the van for a late lunch and an afternoon in the cool.

The gold man turned up about 4pm and I bought two nice little nuggets.

The caravan park had really emptied out today. I guess travellers had been waiting for yesterday’s markets.

Late in the afternoon, we took down the awning.

Had a text from friend M informing us that her ex-husband now lived on our favourite Tellem Buggerem Close. So we must have driven past his place. We were not inclined to look him up again – last time we called on the much married ex, got the impression that his latest wife was not thrilled to be meeting good friends of wife number three!

2 thoughts on “2009 Travels August 24

  1. We’ve seen some great street names but that one takes the cake.

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