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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2009 Travels July 4

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Another “in” day today, although the fridge appeared to be working fairly normally again. I was almost in two minds about whether we did need to go back to Townsville. As far as John was concerned though, it was a done deal.

He spent much of the day inside, on the computer.

I sat outside, doing the usual things – diary, reading, sewing – and watching new arrivals trying to fit onto these difficult sites. Every one I saw had difficulties – which made me feel a bit better about our less than glorious efforts of the other day.

Late in the afternoon, we went for a walk up to the inlet and along it, on a road beside it, for a little way. It was not very far, but John was battling. He was now also worried about a knee hurting too. Possibly he was trying to compensate for the hip, and that had affected the knee. Wearing our elastic knee brace bandage seemed to help.

The inlet at Taylors Beach, looking up towards the blind end

Then we packed up the awning and outside stuff, so it wouldn’t be wet to pack away in the morning.

I made garlic prawns and rice for tea.

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