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2009 Travels June 29

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We were woken before 7am by the group members calling between the sites, and by their offspring being noisy. Some of the kids had bike like toys with big plastic wheels that crunched loudly on the gravel on the road in front of us. They were riding up and down from daybreak on, before their parents were up and about.

It was another hot and humid day. Well, humid to us. I doubted whether a North Queenslander would really classify it as such.

The beach in the morning

We had a lazy day. Read, sewed, spent some time on the computer. I had a swim after lunch.

A lot of people left today, as we had expected. That included most of the family/friends group, but there were about five sites of them staying on – the ones closest to us! Our neighbours from home also left today.

This place had been very nice, before the long weekend, but I was over it now.

We had our private happy hour over on the grass again, watching the sea and the dusk coming down. Lovely.

Beach at dusk

Tea was cold corned beef, mash and salad.

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