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2009 Travels June 25

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It was another basically clear day.

John settled in, after breakfast, to install Access on his laptop. He also decided to install it on mine – just in case I might want it one day – and ran into strife, probably due to the accumulation on it of old programs and bits left from the time of dial-up internet. After all, it dated back quite a way, having been his, before being superceded by his latest one.

Eventually, he had to phone Telstra for help and after a bit of frustrating redirection, managed to find an operative who helped him to get it to work, I must say that John usually got, with some persistence, really good help from that company. I reckon their file on him might be interesting, though!

I did a load of washing while all that was happening.

After an early lunch, John went off to bowls at Mystic Park. I defrosted the fridge, made some soup, spent time on the computer, had a swim in the pool.

Google image of Rollingstone Caravan Park, showing the lagoons, with camping area between them and the ocean

I had some discussion with a neighbour about places to visit, further north, and checked out various options from my books and information leaflets. I thought Taylors Beach might be our next stop – the “beach” part sounded promising, and it had a pool. Nearby Forrest Beach, which had also been recommended, did not. According to the neighbour, Lucinda, also in that area, had a big and popular caravan park, but was very much geared to the boating and fishing fraternity.

John reported that the bowls was “just ok” but with no further explanation.

Soup for tea.

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