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2009 Travels June 14

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We were both up at a good hour – 8am – with the intention of going to market.

Cotters Markets were set up each Sunday in the town centre, along Flinders Street. I couldn’t remember going to these on prior visits, but the memory did come back when we got there.

On the way, we passed the Showgrounds, and I did remember going to markets there and that they were good for fresh produce, and also for the trash and treasure type stall that John loves to browse.

Cotters Markets were fairly generic of their type, with much that did not interest us – soaps, candles, saris and the like. There were some fresh produce stalls where we bought bananas and a pineapple. There was some reasonably attractive beaded jewellery.

A “toy” – as in small – dog show was happening at the Markets, and we watched that for a while. I saw enough to make me wonder about that old adage about owners resembling their dogs……..lots of pink, sparkly and fluffy on display. Good thing it wasn’t a bulldog show!

Some of the central Townsville locations (Google)

On the way back, John who had said he knew the way and didn’t need my navigating, “just happened”  to be passing the Cutheringa Bowls Club, at West End, so had to call in. Someone there told John that the Thuringowa Club would have a game on today, so then I was asked to navigate out there. It was out in the newer south western edge of the city. John hotfooted it into the club and found it was a mixed (gender) game. Damn it. I agreed to play. At least that should get any bowls obligation out of the way for a week, maybe more – I hoped.

So it was quickly back to the van to don the uniform required. I put our earlier shopping away, whilst John downed a quick biscuit and cheese lunch. I didn’t have time for that, which did nothing to improve my mood. Sometimes it seemed like we just went from one bowls club to the next…….

The event was some sort of memorial afternoon. At least the standard of player was good and the participants sober and serious! It was a well set up club, with real grass greens – as opposed to synthetic grass ones. A lot of bowls purists prefer the original grass, to the synthetic variety.

The people at the club were really pleasant. We got several invites to games at other clubs for through the week; I managed to respond graciously but without  committing!

Cakes were served at afternoon tea time and quite a substantial “supper” after the last game – even though it was still broad daylight. There was a spot draw, and I won a cooked chicken. At least that took care of John’s tea, because it was well after 6pm when we got back to the van.

It had cost $16 for the two of us to play, plus the outlay for raffle and post game drinks, so the chook was some return.

I made some quick salads to go with the chook for John for tea; I just had salads, as I do not eat chicken I haven’t cooked myself.

We watched some TV, then slept well, after a full day.

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