This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2009 Travels May 31

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I was awake early again. The morning was not as cold, because there was cloud cover.

John washed three sides of the van – the fourth was occupied by the awning. I cleaned the windows and door panels. He took off the back light covers. They were full of mud and filthy, and I cleaned those. I armouralled the vinyl stone guard at the front of the van. John washed and polished Truck. The rig looked much more respectable after all of that.

The rig before irs wash. Those skies still look threatening……

After lunch we went out sightseeing, but found the town was as dead as the proverbial dodo. Everything was shut for Sunday.

We drove over the weir and back – there didn’t seem much else to do. Drove out the Roma road for a distance. There were houses on ten acre blocks, fronting the river and a “fishing” camp ground, about 9kms out, with powered sites, that looked interesting.

So, back to the van. A couple from a few vans down had wanted to see our opals, because they were heading for the Ridge, so we had happy hour with them, till after dark. Before that, we’d taken down the awning roof, so it wouldn’t be wet in the morning, and packed up some of the outside stuff.

I tried something new for tea – pasta with cheesy crumbs, a recipe I’d copied down from somewhere, ages ago, but never tried. It needed a couple of modifications – I had to use our grain bread, with lots of seeds in it, instead of the white bread of the recipe, and a didn’t have the smoked cheese specified. But tasty cheese was just as good, and it was yummy. John was more enthusiastic about it than he had been about a meal, for ages. So, repeats of that one were a must.

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