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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2009 Travels May 12

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I was up at 8am. John about 10-ish. We both spent the morning just pottering about.

There was some cloud around in the morning, but it was a warm day.

We were in town, after an early lunch, by 1pm, for bowls. I played in the pairs game, with another visitor to town. We came second for the day, and each claimed $10 prize money. I quite enjoyed the game – it helps to do well!

John enjoyed his game but did not do so well. L tried out his bowls. afterwards, then we all reapaired inside for drinks.

I had to call into the supermarket, for some Baygon. There were ants at camp! Any caravanner will tell you that ants are the bane of their existence.

I made salads to go with left over rissoles, for tea.

John was still pursuing the dream of opal mining, helped along by drinks after bowls, and some more imbibing back at camp. He made some phone calls. He had to climb up the ladder on the back of Truck, and onto the roof rack, to get a sufficiently strong signal. The man was determined. However, he did not succeed in interesting the couple of friends he phoned, in investing in a claim. I hadn’t been too worried – except maybe about him falling off the roof rack – because I figured the men had too much common sense to be taken in by pipe dreams.

The sky was really clear at night – lots and lots of brilliant stars. But that meant the night was colder.

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