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2009 Travels May 6

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Today there was no reason to get up early, so of course I was wide awake at 8am.

What was needed today was to tackle the overflowing washing basket. I did three loads in the park’s machines, including the van bedding – after John vacated same. My black track pants came out all white streaked and I had to hand rinse them. For God’s sake, we can land a man on the moon, so why on earth are we incapable of inventing an industrial washing machine that works properly?

I did some more patchwork piece sewing, in between loads.

Lovely day in Coonabarabran

As I sat outside the van, sewing, watched a van come into the park, towed behind a tow truck. It brought back memories of when we arrived that way, in Broome in 2000. There was a new looking 4WD on the tilt tray. Later, in chatting with the couple from the van, found out the car’s computer had shut down their engine – on the big hill near the Siding Spring turn off. That could have been really nasty. Their new car warranty did not cover a tow to the nearest dealer – in Dubbo – and they had to pay for the transport of the necessary parts to the NRMA mechanic here. I reckon that was a very rough deal. They were not happy travellers. I crossed that brand off my list of potential new vehicles for us.

After lunch, went for a walk through town, to the Visitor Centre, where I got a leaflet on birds of the Pilliga. We bought a new fan heater – only $25 – and, back at camp, gave the old one a ceremonial farewell before we binned it.

John found today’s walking difficult. My suggestion that yesterday’s bowls may have had something to do with that, was not well received.

The route of the new inland railway – if it ever gets built – had just been announced: via Parkes and Dubbo, then east of here, to Moree and thence into Qld. It would be so beneficial if the railway is actually built between Melbourne and Brisbane, and rail freight replaces a lot of trucked freight. How wonderful would the Newell Highway be, without many of the trucks that now travel it?

The night was cold – again – and the new heater was much appreciated, after the “new” smell had dissipated. It was much quieter than the old one.

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