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2009 Travels May 2

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Yes, it was another really cold night.

Our little electric fan heater had been playing up on this trip. The fan had been slow to start going on the occasions we had used it. Last night it actually glowed red all over! Quite scary. It had been our camping heater for over twenty years, graduating from tent to van, so it had done well to last this long. But now we would have to buy a new one, first chance we could, with mornings so cold.

John studying the maps

Decided to walk the Burbie Canyon Trail, before lunch.

Called into the Visitor Centre to book some more nights. There was a different lady on duty, who was much more helpful. At her suggestion, we bought a NSW Country Parks Pass, for $45. This saved us the $7 day fee charge, bringing the daily fee down to $20. She even deducted the $21 of day fees we had already paid, from the cost. Since it was quite possible we could be visiting other NSW Parks within the twelve months, this could save us money. At worst, we’d be out of pocket $10.

Parked Truck in the little parking area, beside the main road through the Park, then set off on a narrow walk track that followed Burbie Creek up through a little valley  – the canyon. The walk up the canyon was really pretty. Dead cypress pines were hung all over with pale green lichen strands – looking almost like decorated Xmas trees.

Burbie Canyon

After a km turned left onto the Burbie Fire Trail, a gravel vehicle track – very smooth walking – that took us up steadily uphill for a km, to Burbie Gap. That section gave us quite a little workout. The Trail then turned left and took us down along Belougery Creek for a bit more than another km, to Camp Wombelong, back on the main road. From there, we had to trudge about 700 metres back along the road, to Truck, completing the circuit. The road walking was less pleasant, but there were few cars and being in the bush was enjoyable. In all, almost 4kms walked.

Walking up to Burbie Gap on the fire trail

We both pulled up ok after that walk. John was very pleased with how his hip managed. After overhearing other campers talk about the Breadknife/High Tops Walk, he was determined to do it tomorrow.

After a late lunch back at camp, we had a leisurely afternoon. I wrote postcards to the grandchildren, and did some sewing.

About 4pm I walked up to the shower block, hoping the water would still be warm – solar heated! They worked on a sensor, where you swiped your hand across the sensor and then got 5 minutes of water – and the sensor was not within reach from the showers! The water took over a minute to warm up before I could even get under it, but I managed a very fast hair wash.

We again had happy hour sitting round our little camp fire, watching the stars begin to appear in the sky.

Our fireplace

I made a tea of chicken noodle soup from a packet, enhanced with bean shoots, grated ginger and beaten egg, followed by corn cobs. Healthy?

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  1. If only someone could develop an economical, hot and simple shower system that suits both park operator and visitor.

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