This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels September 13

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M and John fished, in the morning.

I went to the beach and made a video of them fishing, near high tide, on the beach crowded with other fisherfolk.

Baiting the hooks – and being careful not to stand on one….

John caught a small shark.

For lunch, I turned some of the shark into fish burgers – like the ones I had to make when working at the cafe at Litchfield, last year. But there we used Nile perch, pre-cooked and frozen. The shark from here was much nicer!

Got talking to a lady from a fifth wheeler rig, parked next to us. Turned out that she had a birthday lunch, back in July, at that cafe. From what she told us, it sounded like nothing had really changed there. I did wonder if the men had found any cooks who would stay for any length of time?

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