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2007 Travels September 11

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M and John went fishing, in the morning.

I went down to walk along the beach, while they were thus occupied, but there were so many people fishing that it was an obstacle course, so I did not go far.

Not quite the same ambience as walking on a deserted beach….

So, I went back to join the fishers, but John had rigged up my rod so he could try some spinning with it, while his rod was in use for normal fishing with bait. So I gave up on that idea.

I walked around the quite extensive park for half an hour, looking at other rigs. Then did some washing – by hand, in the laundry – as there was not really enough to justify a full machine load.

Sat outside the van, under the whispering she-oaks, did some beading, then read.

After John came back from fishing, with some salmon for tonight’s tea, he sat in the van and played computer games for the rest of the day.

M and I went for a beach walk, in the afternoon, when the beach was mostly clear of fishers. She had decided she would leave here and go her own way when our week is up, on Friday. She was not attracted by the idea of sitting around for days in places like Ceduna or Port Augusta, because of football. We discussed the various options she had for things to do, when she does leave. She had lots of interesting possibilities – not being dictated to by either football or TV!

Pied oystercatcher

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