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2007 Travels September 6

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In the morning, we were informed that the fire risk here had passed. There was still evident smoke, but it seemed more wispy.

A couple of days ago we had thought of staying longer here. It was so relaxed – well, before the fire drama – and plain enjoyable. But now John wanted to move on tomorrow. A pity – I really would have liked some more time here, especially as circumstances improved.

We did not move back to the cliff top area, although others went back there. John had decided he liked the power on – easier than being out there and having to watch the power use.

A few campers had moved back to the cliff top

Had a look at the layout in the Bendigo lady’s camper van, which was like a largish commercial van. It seemed to be a very practical layout for a single person, but I thought it would be too “cosy” for two.

Did some bowling.

Had our last walk on the beach. It looked different without the backdrop of smoke that had been there for most of our stay.

Spent some time exploring some of the rock pool areas to be found where the rocky sections intruded onto the sand.

The outflow from a rock pool replicated river delta formation

It was really pleasant to be able to beach walk without the really heavy smoke around. There was still some smell of smoke about, but it was much lighter than on the previous days.

John found more birds to photograph.

Barn Hill was one of those places that gives a seventh night free for a week’s stay, so that was it for us. Very reasonable, I thought, considering what was here – pleasant areas to stay, roofed communal gathering/eating area, bowling green…..They also did meals a couple of nights a week – for a very reasonable charge. One was a pizza night, another a roast dinner. We did not buy into either of those, so could not comment on quality or quantity.

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