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2007 Travels September 3

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Only four weeks left now before our housesitters must depart then for their next sit.

We lazed around camp and generally relaxed – talking, reading, sewing. M did a crossword.

Smoky camp. Some had left, most others were hitched up, ready to go at short notice

We filled in part of the day with a lovely long stroll on the beach.

Birds on a rock

It was a photographer’s paradise, here. John did a lot of experimenting with the new big camera, trying to photograph birds in flight, and experimenting with different settings.

From our vantage point on the beach, there was much smoke evident, drifting across from east to west.

There was enough smoke in the air to give us slightly sore throats, after the beach walk.

Back at the van I sent off some email letters.

On the strength of what John had said, about travelling this way in 2009, I took the opportunity to email the sitters. They pencilled in May to September – exact dates to be confirmed a bit closer to time. They must have decided they like a winter sojourn in Melbourne – we are lucky!

Despite the surrounding fires, still, we were not actually particularly concerned, at this stage. They still seemed pretty distant, and we thought they were so much the norm in these parts, at this time of the year.

Our camp, from near the cliff edge

After dark, some station staff began burning firebreaks. This was definitely taking things up a notch! The break burning seemed too close for comfort – there were occasional embers drifting across our camping area.

Does fire appear closer than it really is, at night?

We had a later night than usual – fire watching. M and John even climbed up onto the roof rack of Truck to get a better vantage point. We could actually see flames – a worry!

The shape of Barn Hill could be seen against the fire glow
Vantage point

It was after midnight when we finally went to bed, having discussed whether to leave – early – tomorrow. We decided to wait and see what it was like in the morning, before making a decision. Most of the cliff top campers had hitched their vehicles to their vans, ready to move if need be. We had done that, too.

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