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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels September 1

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After a leisurely start to the day – it was that sort of place – M and John fished off the beach. This involved carting their gear down a long set of wooden stairs that led from the campground up on the cliff bluffs, down to the beach level.

The smoky sky created a most unusual daytime light.

They had no luck. No one seemed to be catching anything, apart from the occasional shovel nosed shark. The wind was from the wrong direction, or something.

Shovel nosed shark

After they gave up on the fishing. we went for a walk on the beach, to the south this time.

I got to carry two sets of footwear so the photographer could be hands free!

The rock formations in this direction were just as interesting, but we could not go as far in this direction before being blocked by rocks.

After lunch, did some bowling on the little green that is part of the campground facilities here. It was rather rough, and the whole exercise all a bit of a giggle.

There was still much smoke in the distance, and the smoky smell was obvious.

Pied Oystercatchers

The smoke in the skies made for some wonderful lighting effects in the later afternoon, on the sea.

This would be our last month on the road, this trip, if all went according to plan. There’s those words again……”if all went…….”.

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