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2007 Travels August 23

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We were away at 7.40am, for what we knew would be a long day of driving.

Rest area at the junction of Highway 1 and the road to Wyndham (Google)

It was, of course, going over the same stretch of road that we had driven a few weeks ago, last year, and a couple of times before that.  But the first part was very scenic, so it was not boring at all.

This time, there was diesel at Halls Creek! We refuelled – $1.45cpl.

We had intended to meet up with M again at the Ellendale free camp area, some 90kms beyond Fitzroy Crossing. But we had both had enough by the time we reached Fitzroy Crossing, so called in to the caravan park there, to see what was available.

They offered us a powered site in an ad hoc section away from their main caravan area. It was shady and reasonably pleasant. They were setting up to host some sort of large safari or rally, tomorrow, and so had been clearing out most of their powered sites for that. We paid $27 for the night.

Caravan park by the wide, sandy bed of the Fitzroy River. We were amid the trees on the upper RHS. (Google)

Just did a basic overnight set up. Because of where we were, we were able to stay hooked up, too.

In the cool of the late afternoon, wandered around the park – quite a pleasant way to stretch the legs after the long driving day.

A beautifully presented bower

Enjoyed a long shower in their good amenity block. Definitely better than the free camp would have been! We slept very well after the tiring day.

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