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2007 Travels August 15

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Last night, we had all planned to do the Champagne Springs walk this morning, before it got too hot. However, John did not wake up in time – he had a real sleep in – so son and M went off without us.

ElQ locations – from map supplied when we booked in

In the late morning, when John was eventually ready, he and I went up to the Village. We browsed in the souvenir shop there, looked at the work done by an artist in residence they had, and had an ice cream. I bought an Australian fauna colouring book for grand daughter.

Son and M came back from their walk while we were there, saw our Truck and stopped off too. They had enjoyed the Chanpagne Springs walk – bit of a warm up for a harder one tomorrow.

We sat and people watched for a while. It was a really pleasant atmosphere there, in the shady green, so much of a contrast to some other places we had been.

The very pleasant Happy Hour venue at the Village

The two hire motorhomes must have gone out this morning to do some sight seeing, because they came back, through the ford, while we were there. When they pulled up, one had a fair sized rock wedged between his dual back wheels, and was trying to work out what to do about it. Noted by son!

After lunch at camp, John and son drove into Kununurra. Son had to make contact with work, and was also intending to follow up on the two motorhomes. I think John appreciated being a passenger and getting the chance to look around that, as driver, he did not normally get.

Son reported to us that the motorhomes had been hired in Perth, for 21 days and were to be dropped off in Alice Springs. Surprise, guys!

ElQ camp

We had Happy Hour at the Village again, followed by time around the camp fire.

Late afternoon reflections in the river by camp

Son had a toothache and was a bit down because of it.

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