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2007 Travels August 11

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Another hot day.

We pottered about. Basically, the day was spent waiting for son to arrive. His flight was due in Darwin about 1am and it was his intention to collect his camper from the guy that ran their Darwin branch, who would wait up for him, then head off in this direction.

Pentecost River, looking downstream at low tide

In the morning, we went for a walk along a track that went away from the river, somewhere back in the general direction of the homestead. We said we’d walk for 30 minutes, then retrace our steps. Exercise!

Son – K – arrived a bit later than I’d expected – about 5pm. I was very relieved to see the camper with its attendant cloud of dust, making its way along the track to us. Mothers always worry!

And then there were four….

K had been awestruck by the scenery, from the Victoria River area, onwards. He couldn’t stop commenting on it.

When John had told him, on the phone, that there were big salties sunbaking near our camp, son had scoffed at him. As soon as he got out of his vehicle, there they were, just lying around on the mud. He was totally amazed.

He had also asked if the fishing was any good. He had only been here about 15 minutes, when a couple of aboriginals who had come down from the station area, to fish off the nearby concrete boat ramp, hauled in a really big barramundi. K’s eyes were out on stalks! They kindly let him hold it for a photo.

After that, son was determined to try his own luck. He and John fished for a while, but didn’t catch anything.

Son had brought the brake parts. It hadn’t been easy. The courier service had let them down and he’d ended up having to dash across to South Melbourne to pick them up. But the effort of the Landrover place, to get them to where he could collect them, after hours, was excellent.

K also brought beer with him – great! We had been on strict rations for some time now. And fresh food – bliss! He had put together quite a thoughtful selection in Kununurra, apart from the list I’d given him. He’d included cooked chickens and salads. So we had a real feast for tea, with fresh rockmelon. It made a very nice change from fish!

After tea, we sat round the campfire and talked. K had really wanted to stay somewhere we could have a campfire, so he was happy.

He was amazed by the number and brilliance of the stars, which made us look afresh at the skies. We had begun to take the nightly display for granted.

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