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2007 Travels August 6

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After breakfast, I did washing. No machine here – done by hand in our plastic basin.

John went for a walk – the other way along the beach. He was gone for about two hours. M went exploring the way we went yesterday; she was back at camp before John.

When we arrived two days ago, there was a Trakmaster caravan here. I had noticed it parked in a little clearing beside the track in, just before the house. I had been hoping to get to have a chat with the people, but they left today, before I had a chance to.

After the morning’s activities, for the rest of the day we just sat about, because it felt too hot to do much else. Today was not as windy, though. Being in the Kimberley from August onwards often has the issue that the heat makes it hard to be motivated to do all that much.

Place for large groups and big caravans

It was very pleasant, just sitting in the shade, looking out to the view over the sea.

It is worth staying at McGowans just for the sunsets!

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