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2007 Travels July 27



John and I both needed a rest day, today. John from walking and driving, and me from exercise in general.

M drove off to go to Surveyors Pool, which was a little further north from here. After yesterday’s strange ennui, I was not confident enough to offer to go walking with her – and in any case, John and I had walked into Surveyors Pool in 2000.

M actually decided to try to reach Port Warrender, on Admiralty Gulf, but found the track extremely rough, and then washed away, so could not continue. She back tracked and drove to the start of the Surveyors Pool walk. That had been changed, from 2000. It was now only a 1km walk – the driving track in had been extended. When we did it, there was a 4km walk, with almost no guide markings, through very tall grass and country where it was easy to get lost. Apparently, a 60 year old had done just that, when she went off the track to avoid a bull that was blocking the way. She was found, but that near disaster caused access, and the walk, to be made easier.

Typical Mitchell Plateau track – a good stretch!

M thought the outing to Surveyors Pool was worth the effort – especially since there were very few other people there.

We did some preliminary camp packing up. A generator going in the next camp to ours was really loud and annoying. John eventually went and asked them if they could move it to the other side of their set up, away from us. They did so – grudgingly – but kept it going well into the night.

Campground toilet

The nights here had been warmer.

4 thoughts on “2007 Travels July 27

  1. Hi Wendy,
    Like you I have little time for campers who insist on running a generator right next door and until all hours of the night.
    Fortunately these days solar power has largely taken over as an alternative and neighbour friendly power source.

    • I have to admit that we eventually – reluctantly – carried a generator, after discovering that the solar panels on our van were just not enough in a really prolonged heavy cloud period (like over a week!). We rarely used it but was reassuring to have the backup.

  2. Generators! I do think ownership should require a ‘Consideration Test’. Failing that, buy a Honda, at least they’re quieter.

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