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2007 Travels June 24

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It rained steadily for most of the day.

The accommodation problem in Kununurra was ongoing. We were so fortunate to arrive when we did. In this park – one of several in the town – they have packed vans in where they normally wouldn’t put them. The unpowered camping section, closer to the lake shore, was only partly full, because some of the ground was just too wet. Even so, there were a lot of campers there.

At one point, when the rain eased off somewhat, M and I went for a walk all around the park. The ground was very soggy. We saw a group of campers in the unpowered section, with camper trailers and 4WD’s smothered in red mud. They had just arrived – from the Tanami Track, which had been closed for five  days now. No doubt – judging from the state of their rigs – their passing had churned it up considerably. Apparently, they told people they didn’t know the Track was closed. Hmmm…..I could be charitable here, but most travellers do not take five days to traverse the Tanami. Its thousand-odd kms were usually done in two or three days. Me-thought they had set off from the Alice Springs end, regardless of the closed road status. If so, that was exceedingly selfish, because of their impact on the road.

Word is about that the management up at Drysdale River roadhouse, on the Kalumburu road, was refusing to supply any travellers with fuel, whilst the road remained closed. Good for them – should be more of it!

Filled in part of the day by continuing research and planning for when the dirt roads would re-open.. John spent most of the day gaming on his laptop. Not much else could be done on such a dreary day.

No photos from this drab day, so here is a cheerier one from earlier days..

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