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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels June 7

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The wind was still quite strong. It made the day seem chilly. Perhaps we were experiencing the three weeks or so that pass for winter in Central Australia?

I did our washing. There wasn’t a great deal, but best to keep on top of it when I didn’t know when there would next be access to machines. The ones here were not working properly, but I managed to get something approximating clean, although still dripping wet. Our travel wardrobe leans towards dark clothes for a reason!

We drove to the town centre and did a small shop. We browsed amongst the magazines and books on display at the newsagent/chemist. M bought John a book on building wood fired pizza ovens. This was something he had been talking about constructing at home, for a while now. I was not enthusiastic about the idea and really wished M had not encouraged this particular flight of fancy!

John was away! Planning where it would go, how he would build it – as soon as we got home…..Bad luck about the garden I had growing in the chosen spot.

After lunch, M and John went to the town’s club and practised bowls. I begged off on the grounds of conserving my dodgy heel. It was a lady at this bowls club, in 2000, who had tried to persuade John to stay in town and teach at the TAFE. I was very glad that did not appeal to him at the time – don’t think I would have liked living here. Damn sure I wouldn’t have liked living here!

Tough little local bush

I defrosted a frozen chook we bought this morning, and then roasted it for our tea, along with a heap of roasted potatoes, pumpkin and parsnips. At night, I had another lengthy phone talk with son, and with daughter in law.  It was not very reassuring. He seemed completely devastated by wife’s actions. They were still sharing a house, though, which he wanted, for the kids, but which made it even harder for him. I considered abandoning the trip and returning home, but decided this would clearly change nothing. Families!

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