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2007 Travels June 5

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The morning was windy. Clouds were scudding over from the west, but there was more sunshine than yesterday.

The remaining two sets of campers who had been here last night, left, so we were alone again. But later in the day, two more couples came in.

John’s hip was sore, so he had a camp day. I suspected he might have overdone the lifting and toting yesterday, when playing mechanic.

M and I went walking. Headed down to our end of the waterhole, where it petered out enough for us to cross.

Google Earth view of Old Police Waterhole and the ridge we climbed – to the left
The shallowing end of the waterhole

From there, we bush bashed across to the far ridge, and climbed up onto it, then walked along the top.

Part-way up the ridge. The line of trees marks the Waterhole

There was no particular reason for doing this, except it was there, it was exercise, and we were curious to see what could be seen from there.

Still some way to go….

There were good outlooks from the top, back across to the Waterhole.

Saw a mob of wild horses in the distance. At least we presumed they were wild, but they could have been a mob of station horses, turned out. I think we were quite close to the irregularly shaped Park boundary here.

It was rather hard to find our way down from the ridge again, without back tracking, but we eventually slid and clambered down.

Picking our way down again

Then we angled across to the Old Police Station ruins and back around that end of the Waterhole.

It was a lovely walk, and a great way to finish up our stay here. The only down side was a lot of spinifex scratches and punctures on our arms and legs. Note to self: try not to go walking through spinifex in shorts!

Might look fluffy on top, but it is anything but! Flowering spinifex

Spent a final evening round our fire, after dinner was cooked and dishes done.

The sunsets over the Waterhole had been brilliant.

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