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2007 Travels February 7



It was only in the mid-40’s today! Positively cool…..

The three company men still here were working on the verandas on the new dongas.

I finished as much of the office pack up as I could do – leaving just the bare essentials for the office for the bit of time left. Sent a list of what was packed, to HO, for their information. The packed boxes would be going to Leonora.

I left written instructions for A, about recording Variation Order work, petty cash recording, ditto tip trips, signing of handovers of the new buildings, doing the Daily Reports for HO. That was the best I could do – it was up to them now. I did not hold out great hopes……

RV2 in more recent times, with one Pod mostly removed (Zoom)

We had packed up our rooms, mostly, yesterday. Finished doing that and left for RV1 in the bongo bus, getting there in time for tea.

We had two rooms allocated to us, near my favourite manager’s room. John always  occupied “his” room when there – now I had one too. We sat outside with a beer or two and chatted with our mate R.

It seemed rather apt that our last night in the Pilbara was back here, where the saga had started, some five months ago.

2 thoughts on “2007 Travels February 7

  1. Wow, what an adventure that was. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Interestingly, in some ways it seems more of an adventure looking back, than it did at the time.
    I am glad you enjoyed it. Back to “proper” travel now!

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