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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels January 23

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I phoned the Shire Inspector to arrange another round of pool inspections. They would not make a date until absolutely every little oddment had been rectified. Fair enough – it was a long trip for him. Arranged with the pool installer to send depth markers and other required signage, from Alice Springs, by air bag. There were lots of grumblings from camp residents about off limits pools.

Off limits swimming pool!

The Spotless boss at RV1 was fed up waiting for the electricians to do the defect work – said he was going to arrange it himself. Good luck on that! But I could see his point – they had held up so much work.

There was a very large invoice from the fire gear company. Still more work to be done by them, too.  I reckoned the size of the bill would make someone blow a gasket, at HO. But there was no other company in the Pilbara that did that sort of work – and it had to be done.

John did a tip trip with the Acco. Whilst in Hedland he bought paint to smarten up the old Fly Camp donga that was in place here. He had a slight accident. I recorded: “Heritage Red boots, jeans, Acco, paperwork, ground.”

K went from working at RV1 to Hedland to buy some stuff they needed. He didn’t think to phone John, who was in Hedland, to do that! I was still amazed by his constant disorganization. Or maybe he just wanted an easy day?

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