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2007 Travels January 7

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We worked. Without a vehicle to go anywhere on a day off, there did not seem to be much point in not working. Just sitting around in our rooms did not appeal, nor did sharing recreation facilities with the workers, when the place became properly functional. There was plenty of work to do.

I got a couple of the men to move the genset – had noticed its exhaust fumes were being brought into the office by the air con unit. Not healthy!


Not the best position for genset – under the A/C!

Despite it being Sunday, I managed to get onto the company in Newman that would come-  next week? -and fix five coolroom compressor units that were not functioning here – two in the kitchen, two in the extra kitchen storage containers, and one in the wet mess. They definitely did not travel well! I suspected the uncovering of faults was going to be a reprise of RV1 – with me in the firing line.

The men had dug a temporary rubbish pit – authorized by FMG – yesterday. There would possibly still need to be some loads taken to the Hedland tip, but the pit should alleviate some of the rubbish volume that had been an issue at RV1. The men gathered the burnable rubbish from around the site, took it to the pit. Late in the afternoon, K lit a fire in the pit and left it to burn down overnight.

John spent some of the day doing bunds – leak proof ground covering for stuff that was not to contaminate the soil. He did it for the genset diesel drum, and the fuel, oil and paint storage areas.

01-07-2007 John on Bob Cat

Sometimes, John got to use the big toys!

They should all, of course, have been done way back, before any spillable chemicals  were brought in but this was not the sort of detail that K was strong on overseeing.

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